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About Judd Lumber Company

Michigan's oldest lumberyard, remains family owned and operated in its original location at 101 Robinson Street, Dowagiac, Michigan. With our fleet of six delivery trucks and one boom truck, we supply lumber and building materials throughout Southwestern Michigan.

Judd Lumber has prospered in the age of mega-warehouse stores for some very good reasons. Through aggressive, everyday low pricing on quality building materials, we supply both the professional contractor as well as the do-it-yourselfer. Outstanding customer service by knowledgeable staff keeps our customers coming back.

Judd Lumber Company prides itself on being a good community supporter, believing that the growth and expansion of a community directly impacts the business, its employees and their families.

Fair competitive prices for quality products are basics of our business philosophy. We believe that price alone does not make a business. We service what we sell through trained, qualified sales people who can provide ready assistance to our valued customers.

Our History

Judd Lumber Company was founded April 18, 1859, as a water-powered planing mill by 27-year old Mark Judd. It produced lumber, sash, and doors for many of the early homes and public buildings in Dowagiac.

Mark Judd's son William joined his father in 1886. Known as "Will", he helped turn the planing mill into a retail lumberyard in 1889. Will coined the slogan, "Best Yard by a Dam Site" and incorporated M. Judd & Sons into the Judd Lumber Company in 1926.

Upon his death in 1928, his son, Richard M. Judd, succeeded him as President, along with Charles Schadt, who served as manager from 1934 to 1959. Waldo Woodworth, a 34-year Judd Lumber employee and manager, succeeded him.

In 1963, Richard M. Judd Jr. joined Judd Lumber Company and became President upon the death of his father in 1976. He received his BA and MA degrees from Michigan State University. He is a current member of the Michigan Lumber & Building Materials Association where he served as President in 1985 and earned the distinction of Lumber Person of the Year for 2001.

As past President of the Dowagiac School Board, Rotary Club, and United Way, Richard Judd maintains an active roll in the many civic and youth related organizations in Dowagiac and Southwestern Michigan